Data & Communications Division

In today’s world of computers and automation, companies everywhere are installing a wide range of data and communication equipment. As the use of these valuable tools has grown, so has the need for trained professionals to provide the data cabling and clean power to support these sophisticated computer networks. In response to this demand, Hanlon Electric has created a separate Data & Communications Division. This division enables us to provide personnel with the specialized training and technical expertise required for these demanding applications.

Hanlon Electric has been working in the data and communication area since the mid-1980’s. Our experience ranges from the connection of a few personal computers for a local area network to the connection of hundreds of terminals to a central computer system. Whether coaxial cable, IBM cable, or fibre optics, our people have the experience to provide the interconnection for your computer system.

Since we do not limit our work to the data and communications market, our people can also modify your buildings power system to support a new computer system. Many times this involves adding an emergency generator, an uninterruptible power supply, or simply a few isolated ground or surge protection devices. If you would like further details on our capabilities, please contact your local sales representative for more information.

Certified Installer for:

Hanlon Electric Company is currently a certified installer of the AMP Netconnect line and can offer the AMP 25 year warranty on all AMP installations.
In addition, Hanlon Electric is certified to provide the Avaya cabling system for the Carnegie Mellon University Campus.