U.S. Electric Plug-in Car Sales GrowingElectrical Vehicle Charging Stations

As of June 2014,Wikipedia reports that the U.S. is the world’s leader in plug-in electric car sales with a 45% share of global sales. Other sources show that electric vehicle (EV) sales rose 440% between 2011 and 2013. Sales of EVs are growing, but still represent a small part of total car sales. So, why are so many companies installing charging stations at the workplace?


Reasons Companies Install Charging Stations

DriveClean provides a good list of reasons companies install workplace charging stations:

1. Environmental Leadership

  • Demonstrate the employer’s environmental leadership to employees and visitors – right in the parking lot!
  • Meet greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions reduction goals.
  • Support the use of domestic fuel.

2. Strengthen the Organization

  • Attract and retain top-notch talent.
  • Enhance the company’s brand as socially and environmentally responsible.

3. Benefits for Employees

  • Reduce employee commute time – many EVs qualify for the carpool lane.
  • Assist employees who don’t have home charging.

We can add government support to this list. Follow the Wikipedia (Key Link #1) or see PA incentives (Key Links #2and #3) for useful information on this subject.

Easiest to Hardest EV Charge Station Installation Scenarios

The US Department of Energy Handbook (Key Links #5) poses these easy-to-challenging EV Charge Station Installation scenarios:

The employer owns the building and parking lots; electricity is accessible and upgrades are not needed.
The employer owns the building and parking lots; electricity is accessible but upgrades are needed.
The employer leases the building space and parking lots; electricity is accessible, but upgrades may be needed.
The employer leases building space and uses independently operated parking; electricity is accessible.

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