Priority Service Plan & Building Maintenance


Hanlon Electric’s Priority Service Plan

Proactively minimize business downtime before you need emergency service.

  • Get 24 hour/next-day response
  • $50 rebate on first service.

Signing up for Hanlon’s Priority Service Plan is free. Qualified signees get 24-hour/next day priority response. Priority Service Plan customers are eligible for $50 rebate on first service only. Rebate paid if invoice for first service is paid on time and in full. Where customer manages multiple locations, one rebate per customer, not per location. Offer subject to change without notice.

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Building Services Maintenance

Building Services Maintenance

Skilled electrical system service repair and maintenance.

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Building Services Maintenance

The Hanlon Electric Service Department delivers superior electrical service at competitive rates. We recognize that service and repair of the electrical and data networks in an operating facility can impose major costs and inconveniences on the client.

These costs include:

  • Downtime while waiting for service to be restored.
  • Time required to acquaint repair personnel with your facility.
  • Loss of productivity by employees, who must work around the noise and debris of a sprawling work site.
  • Tenant aggravation in putting up with inconsiderate repair personnel.
  • Unnecessary data network failures – more than 70% of data network failures are caused by problems with electric supply, not flaws in the data network itself.

Hanlon electric makes every effort to minimize these costs for our clients.

To reduce these costs Hanlon Electric Service Department provides:

  • Prompt Response – We provide immediate response to problems or emergencies.
  • On-time Service – The Hanlon Electric service professional will arrive at your facility on schedule.
  • Client-Oriented Service Professionals – Hanlon Electric service personnel are not just repairmen, but courteous, experienced professionals. Our professionals recognize that they are responsible for both electrical service and customer service. They work with you from start to finish to ensure your complete satisfaction. They gt to know your work rules and hours of operation, so they can schedule work to minimize inconvenience.
  • Unobtrusive Service – Hanlon Electric service personnel are trained to minimize noise and disruption to clients. They are skilled in organizer the repair site; isolating it and maintaining a debris-free, small-footprint work area.
  • If Hanlon services both your electrical system and data network, we provide  service professional who is both a trained electrician and a manufacturer-certified network technician. Our single, cross trained professional eliminates extra cost of separate electrical and data network service personnel, and reduces data network failures caused by lack of compatibility or coordination between the electric service and the data network. The result: more efficient service and lower repair costs.