“Breaking Ground” Article Cites Design Build and Pre-fab Capabilities

Hanlon Electric Company was featured in the January/Februray 2017 edition of “Breaking Ground” for its streamlined process systems, its new pre-fabrication shop and a very long history of excellence.

We were honored when Breaking Ground selected us for its “Firm Profile”column. The resulting story was a very well-written account of how we got started and where we are today, and it made us realize that we actually don’t tell our story very much (We are electricians. Storytelling isn’t our thing). So without further ado, here are some of the finer points of our story, as told by Breaking Ground:

  • In 1930, Thomas P. Hanlon Sr. Tom was partners in an appliance store in Squirrel Hill and managed the installation of appliances, including electric installation. He decided to leave the appliance company to start Hanlon Electric Company because the Great Depression hit and business was slowing down. Hanlon Electric thrived under his leadership, and the company remains in the family today under the leadership of Mike Hanlon and his two brothers, Tom III and Terry. 
  • Today, hospitals make up 25% of our jobs, and another 20% are in the office buildings downtown. Colleges, museums and service work fill in the balance.
  • Hanlon Electric hired an outside consultant to develop a set of project management protocols. Over the course of three years, they developed a system to help move a project from the estimate phase through construction completion. It helps us to be as organized and efficient as possible, and our clients appreciate the attention to detail.
  • We built a pre-fab shop last summer. Now 30% of our jobs include some type of pre-fabrication, because it helps to increase efficiency in the field. “Our goal is, by the end of 2017, to be doing prefabrication on all of our jobs in some fashion,” says Mike Hanlon.
  • We are poised for more design-build projects. “That’s a part of our business that we need to grow more, ” says Mike Hanlon. “We have become better-known for being in the bid market but we need to do more of our work with clients who are looking for that kind of capability. I think we’re going to see more of that, especially if there are two crackers going on.”

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