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Power Quality

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The office environment of the 1990’s has become extremely dependent on computers and other expensive electronic equipment. The loss of a computer can cost thousands of dollars.

To protect electronic equipment, companies are installing power conditioning equipment to filter their office power. These conditioners reduce the surges and electromagnetic interference that can cause electronic equipment to fail.

For offices relying heavily on computers, an uninterruptible power supply should be considered. These units act as power conditioners, and in the event of a power outage, supply power from internal batteries. They are designed to allow users to save their work and safely shut down their computers.

Many companies with large computer systems have elected to combine the uninterruptible power supply with an emergency generator. This ensures that your computer facility can continue operations during a prolonged power outage.

If you are interested in additional information regarding power quality and the protection of sensitive equipment, contact our sales representative. We can discuss the various alternatives and create an solution that fits your company.

Data & Communications

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In today’s world of computers and automation, companies everywhere are installing a wide range of data and communication equipment. As the use of these valuable tools has grown, so has the need for trained professionals to provide the data cabling and clean power to support these sophisticated computer systems.

Hanlon Electric has been working in the date and communication area since the mid-1980’s. Our experience ranges from the connection of a few personal computers for a local area network to the connection of hundreds of terminals to a central computer system. Whether coaxial cable, IBM cable, or fibre optics, our people have the experience to provide the interconnection for your computer system.

Since we do not limit our work to the data and communications market, our people can also modify your buildings power system to support a new computer system. Many times this involves adding an emergency generator, an uninterruptible power supply, or simply a few isolated ground or surge protection devices. If you would like further details on our capabilities, please contact your local sales representative for more information.

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