Proactive Power Testing: Stop Electrical Failures Before they Happen

What does downtime really cost your company? Hanlon’s testing can proactively stop electrical failures.

hitechToday’s computer networks and telecommunications equipment can be extremely sensitive to subtle power surges, voltage drops and harmonic disturbances. These power quality variations can cause equipment malfunctions or damage. The loss of these tools can cost thousands of dollars, both in replacement costs and lost productivity.

Hanlon Electric’s power quality department can install protection equipment and systems to protect your valuable equipment. Our services range from installation of the most basic power protection systems to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The combination of an emergency generator with a UPS ensures that your computers and critical electronic equipment can continue to operate during a prolonged power outage.

Hanlon Electric is one of the few electrical contractors in the area that has the expensive state-of-the-art test equipment to run complete power quality diagnostics, including harmonic analysis, on your power supply and data network. And Hanlon Electric has the expertise to implement required solutions.

If you are interested in additional information regarding power quality and the protection of sensitive equipment, contact our sales representative. We can discuss the various alternatives and create a solution that fits your company.


Often a rise in temperature precedes electrical distribution failures.

Electric power disturbances and interruptions cost you, causing:

  • Lost productivity
  • Lost data
  • Damage to computers, networks and telecommunications equipment
  • Downtime
  • Aggravation
  • Missed deliverables and dissatisfaction rating
  • Potential fire hazard

In production facilities, power surges and interruptions cause:

  • Production stoppages
  • Lost Productivity
  • Wasted materials and missed schedules
  • Accelerated equipment failure
  • Potential fire hazard

More than 80% of power interruptions are caused by problems with the customer’s electrical wiring components or equipment. Hanlon testing services pinpoint hidden problems to prevent power disruptions and eliminate fire hazards.

Hanlon uses advanced infrared and power quality test equipment to spot hidden flaws in terminations, breakers and other electrical components. So you can economically correct the problems before they cause your next power outage — or worse. And you get a detailed report of all problems with recommended corrective action.

Hanlon testing services deliver these benefits:

  • Free assessment of your testing needs and development of a test regimen that fits your power assurance requirements and maintenance budget
  • Thermal image of all hidden flaws enable you to see the problem component or connection
  • Greater productivity through minimization of power interruptions
  • Longer life for computers and production equipment
  • Lower insurance rates with virtual elimination of electrical system fire hazard.

If power disruptions are reducing your productivity, call Hanlon for a free consultation on how your testing services can reduce your costs and assure more reliable electric service.